29 Oct, 2012 12:45 AM
The  sour bitter taste flows through my mouth,
I don't see how people drink this;
The bubbles drain down my innocent throat,
One down.

The twist, the crack, the mini explosion 
out of the long neck.
Number two. 
The smell of it flutters the whole house

Everyone was doing it, why not me? 
Or, at least that is what 
I thought in the beginning.

My age is tender, 
Not even remotely  close enough.
That didn't stop me and my friends.
The night travels by fast,
Almost too fast to grip.

Before I know it, 
I am on the sixth or seventh one.
My friends not visible anymore,
This was supposed to be fun. 

Curfew will strike in too less of time.
I need a ride. 
A feeling emerges, but too deep to stop me,
I see one of my friends, 

Dizzily, I make my way towards her,
Stepping on red cups and liquids on the floor.
I fling words at her not even comprehending them,
My words are blurred; 
Like my vision.
My friend shakes her head,
I cant hear her; her lips only move.
She walks away with a boy. 

A big hand grasps my bare shoulder,
A jock with a red cup holds 
a set of car keys in my face.
A burning sensation rises throughout my throat as I answer;

He holds on to me for support, 
until we get to his red pickup truck. 
He downs his drink, and gets in his truck. 
He has had more than me. 

A few others guys jump into the tail of the car,
And another girl in the front with me.
Music blasts, the guys are yelling. 
I stay to myself as my vision becomes more impaired. 

I pass lights and they seem like stars so bright.
They are blurry. 
The wind is cold,
I can see my breath,
A white dust of warmth.
My body is warm,
My soul is cold.

I face the windshield just in time 
to see the bright white lights coming towards us.
My mind breaks down the night. 

All my mistakes.
I wish I could fix them.
Instead, I feel my neck arched back
in a whipping motion, 
My legs crack and bind, 
And the truck to flip crushing me. 

Blood shoots me in all different directions;
Not just mine. 
The white cold fluff us on my bare cheek. 
The smoke rises in the air, 
And the red flames go up. 

I think of my family, and how 
they will blame themselves, 
That's not right.
I send a prayer to God, 
For forgiveness, please.
I can tell it worked,
My soul is warm; as I drift off. 
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