Darkest Day


22 Jul, 2011 08:47 PM
I have fallen, and I watch.

I watch my world around burn.

My memories set a flame,

But my pain stays and protects

Me from my other emotions.

The flame and smoke stops,

All there is left is rubble and loss.

I cannot stand to fix the disaster

All I can do is lie here motionless.

I see a silhouette against the gray.

He walks near, and I see his face.

I fear he has come to take me,

Take me back to life and from the gray.

Just minutes away from my soul taken,

Taken to the depths of heaven or hell,

I am a sin, not good, but not yet evil.

He nears, my love walks closer. 

I try to tell him to get away,

Leave me here in my black gown,

Body bound to my own false earth.

I cannot make a sound in my silent world.

My mouth is sewn together by darkness.

He stands over me, watching.

I reach up with my hand,

To feel his touch for the last time.

He does nothing but stares. 

Something not quite right.

He stares a blank and emotionless,

With his eyes not quite seeing.

His soul has gone, but body and mind,

Still intact and barely knowing.

He grabs my waste ungently,

Not knowing what he's doing.

He picks me off the dirty ground,

And walks me toward the light.

I kick and scream, ripping the stitches.

Holding me tighter and stronger,

He takes me back to the world of the living
Tags: Darkness, Broken
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nathan says:
03 Sep, 2011 03:03 AM

wow seriously deep

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Lexi says:
10 Oct, 2015 08:13 AM

INTENSE! I like it :)

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