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I still care.


30 Sep, 2011 06:06 PM

I miss you. It started out in 6th grade. We were 11. It was Christmas break and you had asked out probably 4 girls. And, yes, i was your last destination. You told your friend, who told my friend, who told me, that you liked me. I still remember it to this day. I got your number, and we started texting. We started talking in December, and i liked you and you liked me, but i didn't want a boyfriend. We became very close. We were an awkward little duo. We told each other EVERYTHING over text. But nothing in person. We didn't speak once. Finally, after 2 months of "talking" you asked me out. I said yes. We still didn't speak in person, but we texted each other from 6:00 am, until late, late at night. At school we would save spots for each other at lunch, and in... [Read More]

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My first love & my first heartbreak

Stephany C

04 Aug, 2012 09:39 AM

Today marks exactly 1 week since my boyfriend and I broke up. And it has been the hardest and most painful week of my life. My now ex boyfriend and I met 6 months ago, he came up to me and my friends and handed me a sticky note with his name and number on it and left immediately. A couple hours into the night, I finally texted him. At first I was very resistant in meeting him in person I just figured he was a player and what not but for some weird reason, something inside me just made me agree to give him a chance. So the following weekend I met him up at a popular hookah bar, we hugged, sat down,and talked. I remember we just clicked instantly! We had so much in common that it really surprised the both of us. After talking for a while... [Read More]

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No Mama, we can't leave!


05 Nov, 2014 04:42 AM

So it was really gone then. I thought that we could still stay. I really wanted to stay. Mama and Daddy really wanted to stay. Even Charles, who absolutely hated this place, wanted to stay. I guess anybody would stay here in Oklahoma rather than somewhere else, where they would have to start with a new life, new farm, new everything. But we can’t stay now. We wouldn't have anywhere to live. Because our home was gone. The big, mean people crushed it into little pieces. Although I’m hoping that a miracle will happen in the next few seconds bringing our home back. I really, really hoped, but deep down I knew that the miracle was only in my dreams. I guess that we could live at Aunt Heather’s house, but they will do the same to her house soon, if they haven’t already. It’s the same case for everybody... [Read More]

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Should i be happy or sad?


29 May, 2010 07:54 AM

My life has always given me suprises....i come from a middle class family..we couldnt get everything but we were happy but despite the days my mum n dad would fight....til my dad would beat my dad would be violent wen he was drunk....then when my sis was 19 she got married...she wasnt realy sure about it bt my mum said just do it...she wasnt happy with the guy...he would beat her up n they would argue all the time..aftr their kids they became better....i always thought things would be different for me...but no....when i turned 16 my sister's aunt came to us to get me n her son hooked up....n my mum agreed...i felt like kiling myslf....n d worst was wen my dad wasnt drunk my mum was dominant n when she said this would hapen...i agreed but i said i wanna get married when i am at least... [Read More]

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