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My first love & my first heartbreak

Stephany C

04 Aug, 2012 09:39 AM

Today marks exactly 1 week since my boyfriend and I broke up. And it has been the hardest and most painful week of my life. My now ex boyfriend and I met 6 months ago, he came up to me and my friends and handed me a sticky note with his name and number on it and left immediately. A couple hours into the night, I finally texted him. At first I was very resistant in meeting him in person I just figured he was a player and what not but for some weird reason, something inside me just made me agree to give him a chance. So the following weekend I met him up at a popular hookah bar, we hugged, sat down,and talked. I remember we just clicked instantly! We had so much in common that it really surprised the both of us. After talking for a while... [Read More]

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