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About Me: I am young and educated. A hopeless romantic at heart.
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Thank you SO much! Reading that gave me so much hope and motivation to move one and stay strong!
Right when I was finally decided to give it another go, he said that he thinks its just better that we're friends.... a month and a half after that, he got a new girlfriend... I wish I never even considered getting back together with him for even a second, it was a waste of time and cost me even more heartache.
Thank you everyone, seeing all these comments really makes me happy! And as for an update... its been 6 months since this happened and just recently he asked to get back together, go figure right?
I'm so glad that a lot of you can relate to my story and experience :)
Thanks guys for all you comments! This story happened 5 months ago or so and now re reading it has been so therapeutic. I've come a long ways. The pain is still there but its in my past. I've learned to let go and move on. But just know your first love will ALWAYS be your first love no matter what.