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My "One That Got Away"


26 Nov, 2012 06:38 AM

So, get this. I was sitting around my house, listening to sad songs that any other time would make me cry. Why did I want to cry? Because of the worst mistake I have ever made and how numb I had come to most everything in my life. Here is my story (perhaps it's not the saddest, but I think that maybe if I just tell someone I'll maybe be able to actually feel something again besides depression, and since I'm too embarrassed about it to tell anyone in public, why not tell people who have no idea who I am, right?) BEWARE: I'm Pouring my heart out right now so it will be long. Don't feel obligated to read it all. But if you do, I hope you learn from my mistake. So, I've always been a shy person, I'm not the popular kid at school. Don't get me... [Read More]

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I Loved You


18 Nov, 2012 07:42 PM

Hi, I'm Reyjee Calizar, and this is my story. When I was in High School, I was a problem at my school, they also call me a JOKER, But everything has changed when I saw Erica. She was my classmate, she has been a friend of mine for two years, a good friend. Then one Day at the school when our teacher is explaining something, I moved in at the seat next to her and I told her "I have something to tell you", and she said "Ok, but after the class please". I couldn't wait so I told her "I need to tell you this right now", she replied "Ok..ok! what is it??".Then I said "Erica, I will only ask you this once..Will you say yes if I ask you to be my girlfriend?".She was shocked and couldn't say anything. I didn't speak either after I told that to... [Read More]

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Lucky me


03 Nov, 2012 08:00 PM

My Best friend has always been there for me, she has always accepted for who I am. Even when she had her first boyfriend she never stopped talking to me until she got her second one. I have always envied her she is beautiful long straight hair, slim, smart, confident see's the good in people. She has a good family who love her and spoil her. And even her friends as well. I never have, I am the completely opposite of her. I'm negative my family hates each other I am in my room doing homework and they are always yelling at each other. My sister bullies me and used to hit me and always brought my self esteem down. I got to the point where I would cut myself and cry almost every nigh. I would try and talk to my mom but she never listens. I even told... [Read More]

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My Best Friend, The Blade


02 Nov, 2012 01:23 AM

This is going to sound so cheesy and I don't really know how to explain it so I guess I will say it...I just feel so empty and lost inside myself and I don't know why. I mean I have a great group of friends and a family who loves me and I know that some people don't even have that but I don't know why I still feel so empty and alone. It started when I started to self-harm (which I have stopped) and like any other person I thought I could trust my best friend so I told her the truth and it felt good to finally tell someone and get it off my chest, but months later I found that you cannot always trust the people you love. My so-called Best Friend had betrayed me and had told someone else my secret, but not just anyone, she... [Read More]

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Love of my life. A sad one. NM <3


31 Oct, 2012 01:26 PM

Alright guys so I'm going to tell you about what happened with my life. I'm going to make sure that you guys don't get bored or something. Sit back, relax and read this story, it's not special though, but moments are special for me. <3. So alright, I'll start it. First of all my love was different, it will remain different. Haha yeah I never wasn't a playboy or something. Was never interested in all this. Okay so my name is Marouf. I just turned 17 on 28th October. Life treated me badly, was just average life. Still I love my friends who are close to me. I just love them, they're the best friends I could ever get. They are Hamza, Sohail and Obaid. These 3 guys are the best friend of my life. Alright I'm from Dhaka Bangladesh. And I don't know much about my country cause I... [Read More]

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I can't spell us without u</3


23 Oct, 2012 02:05 AM

Why? Why did he just completely avoid me the whole day? I sat in my room deep in thought. Maybe he just needed time with his guy friends, or maybe-. Tears began to run down my pale skin before I could finish. Who am I kidding? We've been dating for five months, he's probably going to break up with me. I woke up the next morning shaking. Today was the day he was leaving me and I can't even think of a thing I did to make him end things. *Time Skip; At School* I walked into school as pain pierced my heart like a blade. There he was talking to some random girl. Is she why he's breaking up with me? He turned and saw me and walked over to where I stood. "Hey Melanie," he smiled at me making me want to scream knowing he was playing me.... [Read More]

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We both were selfish ...


21 Oct, 2012 05:53 AM

I used to think about you for 2 years since I saw you for the first time. You were always there, staring at me & have special behavior; and it made my friends derided you & think about that what is wrong with you. Were you really in love with me????? My friends thought so. Every where in our school was a debate about you & I ; because you were very special. But I just thought, How can you love me when I'm a religious person & you don’t seem so ; and also I had no wonderful beauty &attract ? ….. We never talked or contacted since the first for 3 month. The day after “new year’s holidays” at school, suddenly 2 of my friends came to me and called me with excited voice. I asked them what is wrong and they conducted me by themselves. When we... [Read More]

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That's my Dan !

Ashna Anne Philip

18 Oct, 2012 05:54 AM

That night he was here, that man who knew and understood me and yeah – loved me for who exactly I am ..Holding me tight , afraid that there was someone out in the dark waiting to take me away from him .. his lips were steady as he said "baby .. no matter what, I am always there for you , you know that?" "uh-uh" I replied confused. "And do you know that I have loved you so much more than what you’d ever imagined love is, and that it can neither be measured nor weighed?" "yes – I do know" I looked into his eyes, his eyes never leaving mine .. I knew there was something he wanted me know .. just my ears he did not want it to travel from my nerves to brain and ask him cross-questions .. I wanted to say him it was... [Read More]

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Abused Memories


17 Oct, 2012 03:25 PM

When I was 3 years old my mom and dad divorced over letters. He was in Iraq in the army, so I barely knew him. A year later my mom gets a new boyfriend, yay for her bad for me. He hated me so much I still don't know why, but anyway he abused me. I'm not talking about once a week slap across the face. I'm talking throwing hammers at you while you hide, kicking you over and over, and nailing your fingers to a wall. My mom never knew this, my dad came back when I was 5 and I had weekly visits on the weekends. When I would get into trouble at his house he would yell a little and tell me not to do it again, I flinched the second he yelled...I was skittish like a stray cat. He went to court and my mother was... [Read More]

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Broken Heart


14 Oct, 2012 03:36 PM

We met one summer while working in England. We were both from different countries but we decided to go to live in London together after the summer. I went there first. During the time we were apart we were talking every day. I knew that he was scared of new life, in new country, but he said that because of me he will try and he will come. We knew that if we don't start living at least in one country it will be impossible to stay together. So he bought a ticket to London, we were counting the days together, and the day before the flight I received a sms telling me that he's sorry but he cannot come. We didn't talk after this because he disappeared and after a month he was engaged with another girl, a girl from his country. I am sure he was with her... [Read More]

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