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Shadows of love


26 Aug, 2017 04:48 AM

I was young, stubborn, innocent and venerable. It still hurts to see you. I wasted 2 years of my life on you. A player. Someone who was cheating on me behind my back. Not once. Not twice. But 4 times. That why I'm here to say: Someday you'll regret this. You'll regret walking away. And when you do don't come running back to me because I will get over you too. At the same time someday you'll be so very grateful you left because you won't be stuck with me forever. You'll instead get a girl who might be prettier, who doesn't have as many problems and issues as I do. She will give you all you ever want. Just like I tried to do. But, I hope you never get tired or bored of her and leave her like You did to me. Why? Because that hurts it hurts... [Read More]

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Why would you do this to me?


05 Nov, 2013 06:33 AM

It all started early in my eleventh year in school. I was attending Creekside High School alongside my two best friends Josh and Jack. Josh was the kind of kid who had a lot of mistakes in his past but was working on it and trying to become a better person. He was there for me and stuck up for me. But Jack was more than that. I fell for him really quickly and things were different between he and I. He had a girlfriend and I could tell they were in love but I don’t know. I can’t describe it. He and I can go months without talking or without seeing each other but when we finally reunite, we talk and laugh like no time has past since the last time we spoke to each other. I remember one night I was so upset about something that had happened... [Read More]

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Two years of lies


22 Dec, 2012 05:50 AM

It seems as if everybody is always happy around you, but you're the only person who seems to be depressed. I was the type of girl who didn't need anybody to reply on too. I didn't need anybody to make me happy. I didn't mind staying home by myself. As I became older and watched movies it seem to be that relationships were the key to happiness. All I wanted to do was feel loved. It seemed like all my friends were in love and happy. I understand that we're still young and have our whole life ahead of us, but when someone makes you feel wanted, it's one of the best feelings. I met a guy on MySpace, and corny as it sounds that was the thing back then. He said he saw me at school and I caught his eye. He's was a year older then me, and... [Read More]

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I can't spell us without u</3


23 Oct, 2012 02:05 AM

Why? Why did he just completely avoid me the whole day? I sat in my room deep in thought. Maybe he just needed time with his guy friends, or maybe-. Tears began to run down my pale skin before I could finish. Who am I kidding? We've been dating for five months, he's probably going to break up with me. I woke up the next morning shaking. Today was the day he was leaving me and I can't even think of a thing I did to make him end things. *Time Skip; At School* I walked into school as pain pierced my heart like a blade. There he was talking to some random girl. Is she why he's breaking up with me? He turned and saw me and walked over to where I stood. "Hey Melanie," he smiled at me making me want to scream knowing he was playing me.... [Read More]

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