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She will cry, and get over it,
She will hate you and
then love u again
But one day she will leave and
she won't come back
- unknown
Submitted By: Span
Tags: Unloved, Gone
they say if you love someone you should let them go, so I guessed you loved me, cause you are gone... you let me go... forever
It is better to die alone
than to die beside someone
who is relieved that you're gone
- candith mashego
Submitted By: Candith
Tags: Death, Gone, Alone, Sad
Some where my Love is hidden! !!!!!
& thats why it is silent.
- True Love
Submitted By: Broken Girl
Tags: Goodbye, Gone
Distant, so far, destiny is selecting me
I can't be strong, life is disconnecting me
Now loneliness infecting me
Gone are the days, you were there protecting me !
- Dead By April
Submitted By: Dima Azazi
Tags: Gone, Alone, Far, Hopeless
He was the prestigious gift I have ever had 
.... but I was the game that he played..
...I feel empty when you're gone...
+46 scar is bleeding when you say goodbye..
0 pulse stop when you said goodbye...
Sometimes you win and lose. 
Sometimes you have to pick and choose. 
Sometimes you need to stay 
and sometimes you need to go away.
Tags: Sad, Gone, Lost