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you left me in the darkness,yo left me all alone, why did you, you said you were alright, you said you wouldn't leave, but that fateful night you did. why because you left with out a whisper, you left without a word. not even saying anything to the world. good bye dear heart because here comes the darkness.
- Timothy
when you lose someone you loved, they are never really gone, they are in your heart forever
I didn't know I loved you until you were gone.
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U said forever but you gone now.
don't say forever if u not going to keep your words
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Little by little I am lost..I couldn't stop what happened..  Hungry to have you back, eager to hold you more..But still i can't because you're already gone...
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Dont make someone your EVERYTHING because when their gone you have NOTHING.
- Chelse
Submitted By: Cassie
Tags: Love, Gone, Lost