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the day you went away, my world slipped away, 
as if I were to roam the sky with a thousand butterflies, 
the moon tonight is clouded with the blackness that is when the sorrow turns into the upmost joy, 
thinking that the moon will carry it all away, all the pain for today.
There is no longer night come pair to that of a lonely night.
You always hold your feelings inside, 
but this forever you can not hide, 
just let your feelings out..
....thats what really counts
"I'm like the book which almost everyone seems to skim through the pages but never reads the whole story."
I can't hurt anyone because I don't love any one
I never use to believe people when they use to say that they are blind in love 
but now I realized that they are right because I'm blind in love with you..
Tags: Love, Pain, Alone, Tears
Love is a painful feeling until u finally found some
But remember even if u got someone be careful coz if u don't u'll end up heart broken again and again.
My friends who are in a relationship.. 
tells me I'm lucky I've been single for a long time, 

but what they don't know is... what it is like to be alone for so long 
and you just want that one person you can have late night phone calls and kissing in the rain.
I've walked this earth for over 21 years, 
and I still feel like I haven't left a foot print.
Tags: Alone, Sad, Depressed
You gave me the thought that you would be my whole world but then you just left me, 
dying alone here.. without any care...anymore