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I love you so much. I'm scared to be alone fill with darkness without you.
- Jas
you pretend you're over and so okay when they see you, but deep inside you're dying to hide all your feelings, just because you don't want them to feel bad about you. you care for them too much that you chose to suffer your dying heart all alone
- vvn
Tags: Heart, Deep, Dying, Alone
Sometimes the pain's too strong to bare...and life gets so hard you just don't care.  You feel so alone you just sit and cry...every second you wish you could die.  Then you start thinking who would care...if one day they woke up-and you weren't there.
Tags: Apathy, Alone, Pain
"Some nights i feel shattered inside, but i won't admit it. I know it hurts like hell but have to endure it. For the sake of the people around me,let pain consume me inside."
Tags: Sad, Pain, Alone, Lonely