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Walking on a lonely road...
Beneath the open sky;
Amidst the creepy silence of the night,
With the deadly feelings in the heart...
Is sometimes more comforting than the 
Presence of someone around you?
Tags: Alone
Scream, my darling-because no one can hear you.
Tags: Scream, Alone, Lost
I fell invisible because no one pay attention to me... no one likes me... i just want to die alone
Tags: Die, Invisible, Alone
There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,
things we don't want to know but have to learn and people we can't live without out but have to let go.....
Tags: Alone, Life
It's okay to be alone sometimes, so, you don't have to deal with getting hurt again. :)
Tags: Alone, Hurt
It kills me to know that I'm no longer special in your eyes . Should I beg for your love ?
I just want you to know that I really love you with all my heart .
Tags: Lost, Missing, Alone
If I get bored being alone...I go ahead and take a ride and sing with my loneliness.
Tags: Loneliness, Alone
I was a sinner, but it doesn't mean that I deserve to be left alone.
- Ephemeral Dream
Submitted By: silver wings angel
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how do i start to live my life ALONE??
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i whish i had no heart no emotion.,, so that i never feel sad, alone, in DARKNESS
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