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I am thinking of you to the extent that I came up with the conclusion that I am, officially, missing you.
I've won many things.
Except what I wanted most,
her heart.
The only thing I ever wanted was lost.
I know no one else will stay for me.
So, I lie here in wait.
To catch her if she falls.
But, I'll die happy 
if the last thing I remember is her smile.
I'm here waiting for you....but you never come.....
they say love will always find you; 
..... how long do I have to wait for that love to come by?
I loved you once.... I love you still.... I always have...... I always will.....
the walls have never closed in on me as much as they have now.
One can love deeply and so irrevocably,
 but one can never love eternally.
...waiting for u is the stupid thing I ever did..coz its like I'm trying to grab the stars...
Tags: Waiting, Unloved, Sad
The right person will come,, 
once you have suffered enough to deserve her
Staying with someone you really love even if you know you can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain..
........It feels good but you know it's gonna make you sick.