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Im sorry


16 Jul, 2011 07:09 PM
It started out small,
I didn't want it to escalate,
Sadly it did,
One small thing hurt,
But people just pushed me farther,
More and more things piled on top of the small pain,
But I suppose, every thing needs a beginning
And now I'm here again, where I tried to escape.
Again I'm in pain...I've failed myself.
it hurts, I'm sorry...
I lied, i am crying, and I told you I wouldn't...
I hurt you, I deserve this.
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Tags: Sorry, Apologies, Regret, Depressing, Sad
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im depressed


10 Mar, 2011 02:13 PM
I've been depressed
i hide it in
i don't know why i am
or how long its been
i ache in pain
i cut my skin to the bone
i cry and cry and cry
you don't know on the phone
i have to act happy
to not seem stupid to you
but truly I'm wanting to cry tears
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Tags: Regret, Pain
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