im depressed


10 Mar, 2011 02:13 PM
I've been depressed
i hide it in
i don't know why i am
or how long its been
i ache in pain
i cut my skin to the bone
i cry and cry and cry
you don't know on the phone
i have to act happy
to not seem stupid to you
but truly I'm wanting to cry tears
and be sad too
I'm longing to be alone 
so i can just think about
and just think of whats wrong 
and what I'm with out
 i still think of my life
and how happy i am with my love
but sometimes it gets outta line 

death i think of
these things are what
i don't know why
i have to think about

they make me cry
I'm telling you know
what i have to deal with day after day
and i really wish
my life didn't turn out this way
Tags: Regret, Pain
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