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Why Is This All Happening


19 Dec, 2012 05:43 PM
When we met, 
I made a bet, 
To promise to never love you.

But things were good, 
and you understood,
What I had been through.

Now I realize I broke the bet,
as soon as we met,
cause I knew I'd always love you.
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Tags: Love, Regret, Unloved, Hurt, Pain, Suffering, Lost, Depressed
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Conrad Carlo Venzon

14 Dec, 2012 08:29 AM
Oh what solitude it is to have a life 
that is very demeaning
A face of sadness that is underlain 
by a contrary meaning

Unknown, unnoticed, 
unobserved and unseen
Oh how long, so long, 
how long has it been?

The leafy memories have vanished 
and slowly my hands let go
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Tags: Worth, Tears, Cry, Pain, Past, Regret, Unloved
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For Better And For worse

Kimeca Donald

08 Dec, 2012 08:28 PM
Every time I open my eyes
I see the love of my life
But my heart is broken
Because I can't have you
So I'll be living a worthless life
Of hate and denial
Until I die and I want you to know
That your the reason why

So don't break down and cry
When you realize what you've lost
Refrain from regret
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Tags: Love, Hate, Regret, Heartbroken, Sad, Unloved, Hurt
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The Beautiful Dead


20 Oct, 2012 10:28 PM
There are certain people in our lives
Who we don't even realize
Mean so much to us
And as soon as they're gone 
We realize we were wrong

To ignore them
We cry every night
Hoping that they might
Come back
But they're gone forever
Their voices will never
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Tags: Pain, Lost, Regret, Unloved, Death, Hurt, Memories, Missing
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Your Face

Mrs. Black

13 Oct, 2012 02:32 AM
In my shadows I see your face
lurking in the dark corners of my mind
time again, your name appears
and it's clear to me

I've been throwing that word, Love, around
I've been throwing that word around
You've been throwing that word, Love, around
You've been throwing that word around
till it means nothing to me, nothing to you

Still I see your face
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Tags: Love, Regret, Pain, Shame, Sad
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Consequences Of Lies And Mistakes...

The Darkpalm21

11 Oct, 2012 10:14 AM
I admit my mistakes...
Mistakes that makes everything change
Mistakes that I can't truly Imagine that happen
Mistakes that made by my own selfishness
And Mistakes that I can't turn back anymore...

The Lies that I've spoken so many times
The feelings that I always try to deny
The wrong things that I've committed
And the selfish ambitions
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Tags: Mistakes, Sadness, Farewell, Sad, Regret
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Owen .....I am so sorry

Shauna mosher

03 Aug, 2012 12:40 PM
I'm sorry I did sleep with Ehman this time around, 
Idk what I was thinking Owen, or why I Let u down,
the first time it was what it was and nothing more.
I kissed him and showed him the door, 

December came and went with Dan, 
and still in the end 
I was your biggest and only fan...

now July haunts me like a ghost, 
I made a mistake and drifted out to coast, 
I hurt you badly, and
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Tags: Owen, Shauna, Love, Betrayed, Sad, Confess, Regret, Pain
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Angel of Death


21 Jun, 2012 06:55 AM
Angel of Death,
Please kill me.
I wish to die,
And become free.

I want it slow,
So I feel the chime.
I want it bloody,
So it stains time.

I want to remember,
This gruesome day,
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Tags: Death, Lost, Sad, Depressed, Regret
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Lover's Sacrifice

Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:48 PM
Her tombstone at my feet
I remember the day
How she smiled so sweet
Before everything went awry.
The sudden shot
Meant for my heart
She stood in the way and got caught
The bullet stuck in her chest like a dart.
 I begged her to stay
I pleaded for her not to die
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Tags: Lost, Heart, Stolen, Damned, Cursed, Tombstone, Hurt, Broken, Regret, Cry, Loss, Death
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Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:46 PM
Haunted by your voice,
 I wish you were here once, again.
Oh, how I would rejoice,
But I can't even see you, my friend.
 Haunted by your touch,
Oh, how you made me feel.
I miss you so much,
Everything seems so unreal.
Haunted by the sight of you,
You unleashed my tears.
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Tags: Haunted, Die, Hurt, Regret, Love, Broken, Scent, Sight, Taste, Touch, Lost, Gone
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