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Wish you could be forgotten


27 Dec, 2011 09:27 PM
I wonder how it happened so fast
and why my feelings are moving so slow

I remember those summery days, smiles and bright
So i fast-forward to this bitter winter
where there is no happiness in site

I recall your face, your morning texts and all
to foreshadow what was to come
a broken heart and a miserable call

So now, I think of you daily, your face is everywhere
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Tags: Love, Heartbreak, Sad, Missing, Unforgtten
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Kawelwa Siwale

27 Sep, 2012 10:19 AM
She said she loved him 
and he said the same
she said she is hurt,
he felt her pain 
she cried her heart out,
he felt her rain 
when things were bad and rough,
when they were chained
she fought for her 
while he fought for them,
she said its over because there is no gain
he tore his heart to erase its owners name
and by his wounds he swore to never love again.
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Tags: Heartbreak, Unloved, Sad
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A Word That Start With S

Dayna Samuels (age 14)

01 Sep, 2011 10:33 PM
he's walking
he's treading quickly
towards the big oak tree
where she said she'd meet him

there's an anxious smile on his lips
a single blood red rose
clutched in his sweaty palms
and a little velvet box
which held a ring of gold and ruby
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Tags: Heartbreak, Suicide, Horror, Dark, Love
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My empty soul

F.L Bane

31 Jul, 2011 12:44 PM
You left me alone, forsaken forever
I knew you didn?t love me, yet I loved you
You know, I know that I can?t just say whatever
It?s so hard to forget this old endeavor

You left me with hole devoid of all
You shattered my already broken soul
Yet I can?t bear to see you hurt by me or any others
I don?t maybe you?d love me if I were another

I will always be your friend, it may hurt
I?ll be hoping with my broken heart
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Tags: Sadness, Heartbreak, Love
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Forever incomplete


10 Jul, 2011 11:12 PM
When we swore to never be apart
I never knew that it was just me
You are still in my heart and soul
You have my whole heart
I'll forever be just a half waiting to be whole
My love in vain
You don't even understand this pain
Without you it's like
The day without sun
Rain without clouds
A kid without parents
A pool without water
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Tags: Broken, Sadness, Missing, Heartbreak
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