I Cried Today

Madalyn South

27 Nov, 2011 12:40 AM
I cried a tear of pain today,
I cried a tear of grief,
I cried a tear for suffering,
I cried a tear for the loss/lost,
I cried in sorrow for the world,
I even cried a tear for today.

I cried a tear for hope today,
Though it seems I am broken,
And it seems the more I breathe,
The more the world seems undone,
Deep down I see the truth around me,
All around me are also lies and deceit,
Making it seem impossible to feel love,
So as I sit and cry and I pray for mercy today.

I cried a tear of loneliness today,
I sit and wonder all about life,
I found freedom is in forgiving today,
It made me see how easy it is to use, to lose,
and easy to forget our lives and who we are, 
Lost in a dark place dirty with lies and deception,
Life is so cruel we turn to pipes and bottoms of bottles,
A false glimpse of freedom and hope made me cry today.

I cried because nothing good lasts forever and forever ends today,
I cried because no one ever told me it would be like this as it is today,
No one ever told me hope is all you really have left at the end of each day,
Eventually every tear of joy ends in tears of pain as time always fades away,

Today I cried as I looked around at the world and seen the change time has made,
At home and on the streets it's happening too, Anywhere you been or everywhere you go,
This war is abundant, it has spread through life like an active time bomb, its a disease,
All the drugs and lies, murder and death,pain and suffering betrayal and all the hate inside us,

I cried a special tear today,
I cried for the pain inside me,
I cried as I realized how much,
Everything that mattered yesterday,
is already gone today and already left tomorrow,
I cried as I thought of you a seed from which grew life,
Into the lives of our children and our family's now separated,
Broken is the bond between us, and those of others we know,
And broken and withered are our souls as we still live in them,
I cry and pray and I pray with a heart full of hope and surrender,
For the strength from up above to live on another day in the world today
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yip man says:
07 Sep, 2012 06:48 PM

it's very crying stuff plz write more plz

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