22 Sep, 2011 03:46 AM
Her body shifted
The lights lifted
she looked around 
hoping she had missed it.

 His cold gaze
his rough hands
making her wish
for one last chance.

 Her clothes torn
her eye bruised
her belly swelling 
with a life to be born.

 Her hands circle
her hands touch
this new life
inside her heart.

 She hides it
rags over skin
his hands only 
care about whats within.

 He gets suspicious
she hides too much
so he takes her
to an Inn.

 There he gets her 
a confession is made
his heart swells up
his hands cave in.

 He starts to weep
and pace around
ideas fill his head
some to bad to come out.

 She takes his hands
on the bump they're placed
" Its yours to keep, or 
its yours to take "

 Falling to his knees
he pleads and begs
forgiveness is all 
he will take.

 She pats his head
her hands on his cheek
she hold him tight
ready to weep.

 A baby is born
not knowing the past
loving his fathers 
rough hands.
Tags: Hands, Father, Baby
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