Love Game


21 Sep, 2011 12:20 AM
The beats of a heart in your hand.
You chose this. 
so I'm forced to understand.

Love cant be described.
From geniuses, or from the bible, inscribed.
Only knowing the emotions that inflict me.
Sometimes throwing me in a path that kills, depress-ins,
Or even contradicts me.
No, love cant be described.

It isn't happy,
It isn't sad,
Nor is it fair.
Love is an emotion felt everywhere.
Feeling love for someone.
When there's no love from that person.
No love can be described, 
Only by you will it have a name.
Love will only keep changing.
Love is just a game.
Tags: Love, Game, Sad, True
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Xaije DeBerry says:
26 Jan, 2012 05:26 AM

i like this poem because i think that it tells about every love story and what people go through just the person they love that might not be there forever

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