Lena d'Arc

09 Sep, 2011 06:15 AM
I've always wanted to see you again,
to hear your voice,
to look in your eyes. 

I've always wanted to hold your hand,
to hug your wide back,
to smile like idiot together with you,
just like back then.

At first I thought,
oh look at that punk,
but soon as the time passed,
little by little,
and we became friends.

Every day my head was full of silly thoughts,
And when I saw you,
my heartbeat wouldn't stop.

I'd act so weird,
my hands would sweat,
and I would blush.

When you called my name,
How happy I was.
When you hugged me,
I thought I would die.

And every time I saw you,
my heart would burst.
When you gave me you cellphone number,
I'd sit and watch the numbers 
until the battery turns off.

When you told me you liked me,
At first I didn't believe,
But I was happy, so happy..

And when we held hands,
and when we kissed,
and when we parted,
and when we talked...

And then I realized,
What was I thinking,
It's all past now,
but those are memories which I treasure even now.
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