Jane Cereen

17 Jul, 2011 04:03 AM
I miss the way we laugh,

I miss the days we did bluff,

I miss those times, we cried,

I miss those times we were that high.


I never thought we would end up this way,

I never knew you had so much things to say,

I was so blind, so stupid, I was in love,

I feel so dumb, I chose you as my behove.


You said "You're the only one who never leaves."

I said "You're the only one that I do believe.

And yet, what are we now, what's left

 You were "MUTE" for mistakes, but never "DEAF".



You in silence, made people think everything's cool,

Maybe you thought you can make them fool,

But I tell you to not tell everyone its our fault,

hey, you're the one who opened our TRUST vault
Tags: Sadness
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