why me

emily garcia

17 Feb, 2010 12:42 PM
what did i do to make you so mad
to leave us here to be with dad
what did i do its all my fault
tried to make u stay but y'all all just fought
stayed up crying hoping you will come back
maybe you had changed your mind
you always said u would love me a long time
i grew up without you in my life
i knew u enjoyed yours didn't have my strife
how did it feel to abandon both your kids
so u can live the life u never lived
well hope it was worth it all
i don't know why it all had to fall
my heart ripped apart that day
the day u packed and sped away
as if saying goodbye without moving your lips
didn't never remember ah bye not even a kiss
as that tear rolled down my cheek 
i always had wondered why me?
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karla says:
21 Mar, 2012 11:50 PM

i love this poem its really sad :( good job on expressing you feeling emily i LOVE it!!!

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