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damn that's sum shit i would have too say once somebody does that too you when u do give them the second chance or even the third its just going to keep on happening b/c he thinks if he can smooth talk to you and get another chance he can just too that every time simple don't let your self fall into that over and over again its not worth your time or the heartache......;)
sometimes it feels like its the only thing u can do but i think its not i can relate not personally but in a way i would keep my head up and think its what they want whoever made u feel bad wants u too feel bad i think don't give them what they want it only makes them stronger that's the last thing u want.........
this i would have to say reminds me of your all alone and empty inside and uyour looking for all those emotions that youve always had hide and keep on going never look to the past and the water is with you can in a way understand i really like this picture........
wow pretty eyes but it kinda scared me hunn niceeee
i thought u looked mad/??