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another chance??


14 Feb, 2010 11:20 PM

it was at my softball game when my phone rings it was a text msg from one of my realy good friends from sunday school he need to ask me something i said okeyy he said would wanna go out with me i said HEACK YA!!!! ones we were one
i knew or so i thought we would last only a couple of days but then day became into weeks and weeks into months and i did see it coming but it was month 2 and i ask him you don't really like me watch your going to dump me really soon!! he said why would i do that I LOVE YOU and even though it was just throw a text msg i thought it was romantic and to a few more months went by and he text me during class to come into the hall so i did he said close your eyes i said okeyy then i could hear his heart beating and his breath on my check and felt his kiss on my lips and i knew he was the one but i guess i was wrong.
it was all ready 5 months now in dec he cheated on me with an older girl he told he that he loved her an he had never loved me and never will but you know what even though he had hurt me so bad i still loved him and i loved him so much that it hurts still today when i talk about him. so i gave him another chance
so when it had been a year an one month he had did it again but he said i was just rebound girl and nothing but a fake to him and he only went out with me because i was getting alot attention and all in all but i finaly got over him and went out with his cousin and so far were going great but im falling in love with my ex again i just don't know what to do now. we well will see pretty soon TO BE CONTENUE......... if you want me to tell you part 2 e mail me @

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emily garcia says:
17 Feb, 2010 01:06 PM

damn that's sum shit i would have too say once somebody does that too you when u do give them the second chance or even the third its just going to keep on happening b/c he thinks if he can smooth talk to you and get another chance he can just too that every time simple don't let your self fall into that over and over again its not worth your time or the heartache......;)

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leslie says:
14 Mar, 2010 04:45 PM

omg guys r so stupid sometimes xP oh and can u email me the second part plz if u cnt its ok

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