The gun of life


18 Jun, 2011 04:24 AM
As I pick up this knife and this gun 
And walk into my dark room, I know you feel no guilt, for what you've done
I put the blade to my wrist, and pull it through my veins
As I do, I feel something warm run down my arms
So as I look down I see the dark red blood going down my arms
My eyes start to water, and tears roll down my face,
N Sync with my blood 
As i start to feel no pain, I slowly pick up the gun
I put the end into my mouth, feeling the cold steel upon my tongue
As i feel the cold steel, i put finger on the trigger	
Before I pull the trigger, i look down at your picture 
As i look down i know you will not feel no guilt, nor pain 
My fine thoughts are that i will never see you again, not even in hell
My eyes still fixed l upon my picture, then I pull that fatal trigger
Tags: Death, Depressing
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