Dusk til Dawn


18 Dec, 2017 06:41 PM
I remember that night
When we walked around from dusk til dawn
We were vampires trying to hide from the hunters.
I remember when we went back to your friends place
And I watched you play gta.
You motioned for me to come next to you
I didn't want to get to close
Because i knew that i had liked you. 

I remember telling myself that you had no feelings for me
I remember slowly falling in love
With your smile
With your hand that always reached out to help me. 
I remember the smell of stale cigarettes coming from your jacket.
I was a tiger
And you were a dragon. 
Both bound to protect each other. 

I remember when you told me your mom kicked you out and you had nowhere to go. 
It was cold that night.
I didn't want you to get sick. 
So i offered you a place to stay for the night. 
I asked my mom if it was okay, she agreed.
I put your bike in the garage
Got you a blanket and pillow.
I remember how sad you looked
Like an abandoned puppy still trying to have hope. 
I made jokes and got you something to eat so i could see you smile once again. 
And when you did it warmed my heart.

I loved seeing you happy. 
I remember when we started going out.
At first it didn't feel real.
It was my first serious relationship. 
The first time where i felt like i could do anything as long as i had you. 
I remember the late nights of playing at the park
Rolling in the grass
As if we were in elementary school again
I remember looking forward to waking up everyday.
To seeing your wonderful face
But you left.
Your mom had left you.
She made your dad take you in.
The man who you didn't know.
Suddenly he wanted to take care of you
I was hurt,but at the same time i wanted you to be happy. 
And as long as you were i didn't care.
I would endure the pain and loneliness
Of you not being here
Until i see you again
And when i do
I'll remember that night
When we walked around from dusk til dawn.
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