Sandy Sad Waves of a Shell

Robin Carretti

30 Nov, 2017 03:32 PM
Nothing fits
Feet draggings face looked sagging
Feeling torn to seashell bits.
You can't stay in one place
Having fits
 More "Sad Eyes" close-up
 black Lilly's wept over voices
Bad dream slept over Give you the
 willies of Billy's 
Didn't shut up to give up

Haunted by someones sad face. 
So smothered shedding tears. 
But trapped like it was the end of your years.
 all sad faces
like a straight jacket nothing of value
crept into your pocket Sad face how you met
your only friend a seashell locket

Wanting to snap putting on your 
 Your sad heart beach blanket
It made you feel sick

Your last drink of brandy
Seashells call but "Where's Sandy?"
Around headstones feeling it's your
 time to fall.
The beach became "Ghostly" no-one is around.
Hearing lonely voices I phone's looked empty
 no-one to call  like a "Humpty Dumpty"
Everyone deserted you 
Hunchback of Notre Dame 
no way to be tamed

But left you with no dignity
Feeling like a shell inside
Everyday fidgety having no life
Walking looking down so saddened
 is this life

 Let's beware another memory
 But wanting to erase
 you don't fit into no-ones life
Background voices saying who cares?
Having nothing how do we compare.
Wanting to leave for another life. 
But nothing to show wave just went
 full force but didn't want to live

Who knows where you are going
Everyone saying yes and of course
 But you Felt like crying having the
 worst divorce

 Something hits you like a
 malevolent "Those Blues"
 hit you the lady of the convent
Dripping tears of waves like a
 grain of sand no-one
 touched your hand
But you had no energy to blow
This was my true feeling to show
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