Ben Vanhook

19 Jul, 2017 11:18 PM
The water may be shallow
You didn't care and just jumped in
Your mind just didn't wallow 
In thoughts that might have been 

You only played and splashed 
But other people you disturbed 
The water you would smash 
Others you'd perturb 

But to me your dance appealed 
Cute and elegant 
As my skin had peeled 
My desire was evident 

You sung an unheard song
One with joy and passion 
It righted all that's wrong 
But no one else saw its attraction 

People stopped and stared and frowned 
"Is that kid insane and crazy?"
"Oh that boy, someday he's gonna drown"
"His future's all but hazy" 

As she pulled me a bit deeper 
I felt the beauty of her skin
The bottom was growing steeper 
What could I do but grin?

She told me whales of tales
In how she got to be this pretty 
Her stories hit me hard like nails
The funny and the gritty 

She showed me stunning creatures
Crevices and caves
The oceans unknown features
That only I could brave

Over time the waves got rough 
They were piercing through my skin 
I tried my best to bluff
And take the pain right in

But the waves just kept on crashing
Digging needles in my veins
I felt like it was lashing
But my hands in locks and chains

I eventually spoke up 
Please help me I am hurting 
She angrily then stood up
And ended all this flirting

A thumping hammer she then slammed 
And with a snap she clicked 
I saw that I was crammed 
In with all the other men she tricked 

An agonizing death 
Another lost at sea
The boy just couldn't find his breath 
As he entered the sea of misery
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