06 Jul, 2017 07:21 AM
Days I've known you, been counting on my fingers
Wanting to write something, but it's you i think first
Of all the hurts and fears my heart's gonna burst
But all I can feel is I love you, a stranger at first.

Of this chance I'm afraid to bet
Asking, if I give it a try will it all be set?
Can't explain why I fell so fast
I'm not even sure if a love of a stranger would last.

At first I thought it's OK
Knowing you're broken you can hurt me all the way
Is it because you want her back that you're wanting me to stay? 
Do you just need me, a stranger's shoulder to lay?

Knowing your doubts hurts me
But baby for a stranger I'm staying what a fool I'll be
I've known you for days but you're already breaking me
While you're unsure, I'm planning your forever with me
Tags: Love, Hurt
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