Taking spirit

Joanne Palmer

05 May, 2017 04:08 AM
I knew how  he'd feel
As soon as he heard the trailer tires squeel 

Not knowing what is going on
A quick road clip and the words  COME ON.

as he gets closer to the trailer
He remembers it from last time
And it brought him here.

Now confused  he fights back as he looked at you. 

Tears in her eyes  screaming WHY.
HE FIGHTS again  with all his might.

He knows where he's going  and how bad it was there.
Quick lift of his headl
Nose in the air. 

He sees that she wants him here
With someone that loves him deary.

His soul fights hard
His feet planted and strong,
He is not giving up for her it's not her decision
And he don't want to go back to that hell bound prison.

His soul breaking  and hers too
He will never be the same away from you.

With all the love within there hearts
These two souls  will never part.

For spirit  
Feb 3 2017
Tags: Missing
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