An Orphan's cry

Nberna Beryl

06 Oct, 2016 12:01 PM
she carries her shame 
in one hand and sadness in the other
she carries a smile that fails because
her lower lip is wounded
she slowly drags her feet until they come 
crumbling down,
she cries out 
"MUM it hurts 
my smile hurts 
"MUM it hurts 
my hands hurt 
"MUM it hurts 
my legs hurt 
"MUM it hurts 
my heart hurts 
should i let go?
should i give up?

its scary being alone 
the darkness of this
world is after me 
i need your 
because i know 
under your wings
am safe from this 
"murderous" world 
you left me in
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Arindol Dey says:
03 Jan, 2017 02:44 PM

i love to read, write and create poems.

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