Robert Scott

22 May, 2016 05:23 AM
Who can say? Come now and please do tell
Step up here and state your case 
To me and all those clamoring throughout the age

Where has it gone? 
Will it ever return? 
This force that lays waste 
To all the thinkers,foolish,heartsick
Believing, dreaming, searching for the nectar
Desperate to slake the dry lips that hang so gaunt.  So parched.
It touches all without remorse 
It makes them addicts,quivering foaming with but one taste 
The mysteries of Apothecary...mere child's play. 
Ecstasy distress bliss agony 
Sawing asunder all those who foolishly wait 
Yearning for another drop. 
"Please. Surely this must be the day I will have what I cannot begin to hate"
With futile attempts to breech the fortress that she hides behind 
The Shepherd and the King 
Have spilled their souls assaulting the gate that shields these fools from their quest. 
Why won't you care? Why won't you come?
It seems you've no regard 

You drew me in,you caressed my soul Oh stay with me!
I've only seen what others have  what others share 
A fleeting glimpse this heart has seen 
The flakes of April are better shielded 
Than what is here for me
Dear God!I've felt this mystery force 
You've given from the start,this is no game to play 
I damn you now I've tasted it
Why? Why won't you let it stay?
So long ago your hand in mine
The suns last rays gleaming in your eyes 
Please return to me my Dutch surprise 
Where are you now? I fear the news 
Far from your heart I am 
This nectar I have tasted 
Has made me dead again
Tags: Lost Love, Lost
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