Just a Little Cut


10 May, 2016 08:03 PM
Crimson red fills the bowl
With everything spinning so fast I cannot breathe
Walls closing in and everything fades
Flashes of lights come by, one by one.

Feeling sleepy not knowing your name
There it is, my favorite thing of all this,
Ah the feeling of pain is gone from before and new form enters me
Laying here waiting for you to come home
I open my eyes and see flashes of you and me from before you went 
You walk inside 
You call to me and wait for me to answer
You hear small light breaths coming from the bathroom
Thinking it is me, you walk down the hall with a smile
The kind that makes your knees go weak
You walk in. Oh God, is all you can think.
I'm to look up at you but I can't move.
A cold chill comes over me as you pick me up.

You say we are going to the hospital and that everything will be ok.
You rush me in. 
Blood running down.
The nurse rushes you to the bed so I can lay down.
I can hear you asking her something
But I can't make out the words
I feel something cold and wet touch my face then my arm.
I feel the prick of a sharp object go in my right arm.
The nurse says I need stitches because the wound is too deep.
I feel the thread go in and out through my arm.
And a Band-Aid go around and around.
After I have slept for two days they let you in.
I can move again and open my eyes.

You said I got 76 stitches because the cuts were way too deep.

And that I almost died.
I pull off the Band-Aid and look.
I see over 20 cuts and begin to cry.
You tell me it's ok and we will get some help.
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Kiera jasmine Wynne says:
19 Sep, 2016 11:13 PM

I get hurt a two person this my heart is broken heart

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