Daniel Bogogolela

19 Feb, 2016 12:02 PM
I thought ours was one, 
perfect relationship.
That we loved each other
and that nothing could ever
come  between us.

But overtime that proved to
be just my wish.
She and I were inseparable.
It was we were glued together,
like we had to wait for our
Maker to separate us 
through death.

But while I was busy 
planning how
I’d like our future to 
be like.
However, charms of other 
men proved hard for her
to ignore.

Every man who knew her 
knew how unfaithful 
she was to me.
And how I was alone in
this thing called
The also knew how 
she was just an escort
who made show that I never
got to be alone.

My friend told me 
to tag along because 
all the other women 
never loved me
like she did.

But it felt like 
the more I spent time
with her the most likely
I was going to spend 
the rest of my life crying
over lost time.

Though I always suspected her,
I never really had strength
to tell her how I felt about
our so-called union.

The reason I did that was;
I thought and wished that,
she'd change as time went on.
But her antics before other men
made me accept that she didn’t
care about either I or time.

Our relationship required us;
not to only say that we love
each other but,
to be there for each other
in times of need.
But again, time wasn’t what
she thought about.

She had a wrist-watch but,
it seemed like its purpose
was just to decorate 
her wrists than make her
think about us and our future.

And because I was taught
the essence of time,
I had to leave her before
everybody thought I was
a bad man in our relationship.

I did it because I didn’t want
to look bad before other men,
and for the purpose of opening
a space up for a woman who not
only loved herself but, 
also a man she’s in a
relationship with.
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