Ai Shinamori

06 Dec, 2015 10:27 PM
Oh the anguish I have suffered
Lamenting, hurting, dying inside knowing what I did to you
Knowing my cruelty is what did this to you

Both you and I know what I did to hurt you so
But please don't hate me
I promise I didn't mean to

You were my foundation
Everything I know and love is because of you
And even when you left me
You had everything set up so I would become successful
The guilt I feel now may be too much for me
And make my heart explode 

You loved me so
And yet I took you for granted
I miss your constant kisses and hugs
I wish I could turn back time and give you some of my own

Oh the sorrows and woes
They tire me so
And yet nothing could compare to what you must have suffered

I love you so dearly
How much I wish I could see you happy once again
That bullet that took your life could very possibly
Be the same one that takes mine

Dearest father
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