Memories That Haunt Me


28 Nov, 2015 10:16 PM
He sits on his death bed and stares at the clock,
tick tock he says, tick tock. 

  His daughter walks in and she is a mess, 
filled with the fear that her father is dead. 
her eyes fill with joy until she hears his last words,
and outside the window the birds start to chirp.
Her father lay limp, white on the bed, 
as his daughter wishes that she also was dead.

  So she starts to dream of the things she could do,
so she could end up like her father too.
But he was an addict and she was too young,
so she started to mess around with guys for fun.
But she grew bored and scarred as she grew,
not having enough bad things to do.
So even though she was still too young to drink,
she picked up the bottle and started to think.

  If my dad loved it maybe I will then too
and as the night poured on,
bottle through bottle,
she finally knew.

  The thing she must do to end her sad life,
to end all her pain and end all her strife.
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