Ink, paper, and a pen

18 Nov, 2015 06:42 PM
Ink all over my hand
Writing words i cant even understand
My feelings i cant even withstand
It all explains with the ink in my hands.

Why does it feels like everything will hurt me
Me that loves you more than anyone could be
Be mine, just be mine thats all i wanted..
Wanted you to be back and continue what we started

Ink all over my hands.
Tired of writing the feelings i cant understand.
This love that i have just hurts me i cant withstand.
The hurts inside me cant even explain with just an ink in my hand.

There you are happily inlove with that girl.
A girl i wish i am.
Am just here crying all night because of you
You that dont even care of what im going through.
Tags: Love, Hurt, Past
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