Why cant she just find love


16 Mar, 2015 09:06 PM
She tries and tries
at night her world just to dies.
Every guy she has ever liked
turned her down,
Do they think she's ugly?
Is she weird? 
Is her body not good enough? 

There are so many questions that she cant get answered,
she finds it hard to stop the feelings she has for him, 
she feels in order to live she needs that beautiful feeling of butterflies 
and a racing heart, 
all she wants to do 
is cuddle and be wrapped in his arms.

At night, sometimes she can't take the feeling of emptiness and she just cries, 
she wants the long text messages in the morning from him saying how beautiful she is. 

She wants her first kiss,
she wants someone to be her first last kiss, but she's afraid to love.

She's afraid of loosing someone who took her first kiss, her first cuddle, her first steps in love.
she's just to afraid of love.
Tags: Afraid
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jimyjames says:
13 Apr, 2016 10:02 PM


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Jimmyjamess says:
13 Apr, 2016 10:12 PM

There is somuch straigth with such sadness i feel that the responsibility is off the fuken hook u of those now wut this means 1881

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