11 Feb, 2015 04:05 AM
Emptiness inside of me
Makes me feel so hollow
Aching pains in my head
With silent tears to follow

I see you sleeping next to me
So peaceful and without worry
I wish that I could hold you
And not be filled with such fury

My heart feels lonely and forgotten
I know not why I am so sad
You haven't been mean or unloving
I have absolutely no reason to feel mad

Sometimes I think it is 
You just do not understand
For if you did then maybe
You would take me by the hand

You could hold me close to you
And kiss away my tears
You could tell me sweet nothings
And wash away my fears

I try so often to tell you
Just exactly how I feel
But it seems as if you
Do not think its real

As you sleep I watch you
Tears filling my eyes
I think of all the things
That could make you say goodbyes

My thoughts come so swiftly
And make my heart hurt so much
I wish I could turn them off
And just feel your touch

Sometimes I think if we marry
My fears will go away
But then my mind tells me
Oh but what if they should stay

Would I spend my life in turmoil
Filled with so much doubt
Will I always seem to wonder
If you are wanting a way out

My love for you is true and everlasting
And I battle these fears every day
I will stay by your side so faithful
In hopes that you will always stay
Tags: Love, Fear, Fears
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Myles says:
12 Mar, 2015 01:19 PM

Nyc one

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