The First is Always Rememberd


02 Feb, 2015 07:02 AM
It hit me like a raging tide
That feeling when the air is knocked out of your chest
When you are engulfed in water and try to breathe
A numbing feeling after the initial shock

This feeling of someone reaching into my chest and plucking out a piece of me
I was left with a empty gap
I try to fill it
It's all a blur

I get sudden reminders
My first love
My first kiss

They say you always remember your first love
I don't think I've had one sense
After so long it should be gone

It usually it

I would believe I've moved on

Then I would see them and the memories would hit me with a raging force as they smiled
They act like it never affected them
It probably didn't
I smile back and go on my way

I still remember everything about them

It's hard to forget a first love
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