Remembering Moments Passed

Celestial Starlight

23 Dec, 2014 07:47 AM
I remember that day,
I told her I wanted you,
I guess I always knew,
She really wanted you too.

You chased after her,
She played hard to get,
She would make you cry,
But your heart she would never let.

She told you how i felt,
You replied saying you didn't care,
The funny thing is,
I was never even there.

You loved her,
She was very aware,
And I wanted you,
But like hell did you care

I'm sitting all alone,
Thinking of all the pain,
Looking at my cuts,
And the fabric which by blood...
Was stained.

My heart is aching now,
I guess it never knew, 
That true love only began,
Right when I met you.

I'm begging for you now, 
But she's within your arms,
I'm breaking more and more,
As I stare at skin filled with harms.

The sky is crying loud,
As the rain keeps pouring down,
I'm sorry I made you cry,
Please smile and never frown.

The light is going dim,
There is nothing more to say,
I've never felt so much pain,
Why did you push me away?
Please stay.
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