Celestial Starlight

29 Nov, 2014 09:17 AM
She remembers the smiles,
She sees the happiness,
She can hear the laughs,
This little girl was in pure bliss.

Now there is a dark shadow,
Raining endlessly over her head,
I see her tears falling down,
As she's wishing she was dead.

Replaced by her best friend,
Rejected by her true love,
This pain is undending,
She's the broken wings of a silver dove.

Her reflections stand still,
Her screams echo hurt,
She really doesn't think,
Things could ever get worse.

Believing all her lies,
Fooled by her broken smiles,
Her heart is broken piece by piece,
As she walks these painful miles.

Her skin is bleeding out,
The cuts opening up,
This pain is taking over,
She has had enough.

Can she take much more?
It's getting out of hand,
Someone help her escape,
To a far away paradise land.

But it's just too late,
She wasn't worth the wait,
You can hear her last screams,
And realize that,
This one little girl was me.
Tags: Memories, Lost, Lies, Scars, Cut
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Pam Willingham says:
15 Jun, 2017 11:24 AM

Beautiful. Just how I feel. Thank you for sharing

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