You are my happiness


19 Sep, 2014 07:56 AM
I still remember..,

The first time that we met,
it feels like we've known each other
coz we understand one another 
we do things together,
and imagining things like we own everything.

We do this, we do that..,
we were so happy spending time together
creating memories, dreaming about the future
making plans, and thinking about US,
on how to live happily.

You love me and I love you too,
you never failed to make me happy,
to make me smile in just a simple things that you do
you care for me.., and I feel it
in every moment that I have you by my side.

You promised me to keep on loving me,
to keep on guiding me, protecting me,
I know you will be there if I need you
you were so good, hmm, almost perfect
but what happened?

you know that I trusted your words, your promises,
how could you do this to me?
there's no one loves me like you do
no one treats me well like you do, 
I need you.., please.., please.

You are the one that I adore,
I misses you so badly
so please, come back to me..,
I feel so empty, depressed and weak
coz all I think about is YOU.

All the emptiness that you filled up with joy
was gone, everything that I feel was..,
sadness, sorrow, and lust.
who could ever thought that all those things
were made to end this way. 

How could I ever accept this?
I love you!
I need you!
I miss you!
I want to be with you..,
please.., come and take me

This life would be useless without you
so please come and take me with you!
I can no longer be happy
my hapiness is you, 
only you.

I love you.
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