Behind My Back


07 Feb, 2014 03:39 PM
You think you're so funny,
talking behind my back.
Don't think I know,
I can hear all that jack?!

Do you think I care,
What you think of me.
Actually I do,
But I don't want to be.

You make me sick,
I want to die.
Before I hear,
another lie.

Sure I'm ugly,
Stupid and sad.
And then you tell my boyfriend,
That you feel bad?

You're just the bad person,
for saying that crap.
Yet when I hear it,
its like a slap.

Forget your comments,
I thought we were friends?
I guess I forgot,
every relationship, ends.

So while you tell,
everyone how I'm dumb.
And they believe,
I still suck my thumb.

Just know your the worst,
And you make me wanna die.
So its your fault,
when I say goodbye.

So forget it,
I guess i have no friends.
Forget my boyfriend,
Our relationship ends.

So think about it,
before you lie.
You make me sick,
I want to die.

Don't think I won't try.
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EvanescenceLuv says:
03 Aug, 2014 08:11 PM

Oh, God dear...don't give up, it always gets me.

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