My Best Friend Died Today


27 Jan, 2014 03:30 AM
My best friend died today,
The purpose was unclear,
My best friend died today
I should have held her near

I should have watched her,
Should have tried.
And along with her
i should have cried.

And that i do,
Blaming solely myself
For her death that had been caused
By her own bad health

While My mind races 
My heart chases
The one who's died
I shouldn't have lied

She didn't trust me
Thats why shes gone
She left me for god
My angel, though odd.

And my friend in heaven
Hear my cry
I love you now and always
Along with you, i die.

And baby You are not dead
I will not acknowledge it
For i know you well
I wont stand for this bit

So see you up there
Or down i suppose
I love you more than all
More than most.

My best friend died today
And of course I'm sad
I hope god treats you well Or Satan
Cause you so bad.

And i love now
Always will
And without you
I shall still, Love you forever.
Tags: Dead, Friend, Love
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mike says:
23 Jul, 2014 07:06 AM

though it's a little bit of a vile and sensitive topic, it's an astonishingly beautiful poem.

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