Dreadful Darkness.......

Vani Jalagar

13 Sep, 2013 05:51 AM
It was never a propitious flash of hope,
Everything seems to be dark that showed me a dreadful scenario.
Ever since you left me, I walked in silence, heavy hearted,
I turned back n saw, nevertheless thy love vanished n thou departed.
I lost thou moreover I lost for my part, everything is distracted.

My nights stretch no longer without you,
My heart now insane n life is in vain
Where do I find myself? Am lost in darkness,
Tears rolled off from sparkling eyes n all around I see hatredness.
Pain is so seldom, I faltered and shattered but you never came back,
I contemplated to overlook into colorful life, but all I could see was black.
I turned back n saw, thou never came back….

Destiny was dark n I met scores of weird mind-set approaching me to seclusion,
So heartlessly you murdered and back stabbed my expectation.
I fell for you, lost in you, but what u gave me? Only woe
Thou betrayed me, but I set aside my vow
I lost thy moreover I lost for my part……
Oh no!!!! There’s no sigh of relief,
 Why didn’t thou teach me to escape from this awful grief?

Hey!!! Did you notice my breath? It is shivering from fear,
There’s a frustrating n distress feeling that I can’t bear.
How will I come out of this, I don’t wanna be a pessimist, 
But there’s no way to escape, heart is empty n loneliest,
I lost thy moreover I lost for my part, soul is emptiest.
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suma says:
24 Mar, 2016 07:30 AM

awesome poem.. heart touching one..

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