DC Martin

13 Sep, 2013 02:04 AM
Once I thought I could do anything,
at least that's what I wanted to believe
but time grows step by step in one direction
and I'm not as young as I used to be.
and though the days pass over
and night falls here once again,
from time to time I accidentally find,
a shadow of that man.

I wanted to be the storm, raging in her eye,
the fear, excitement, and all the rest,
the reason she lived and died,
but in days of long ago passing,
and in times since, lost and gone,
all that I ever was found to be,
was just a man, flesh and bone.

and though I tried the best I could,
love slipped through our entwined hands
and I longed inside for the heart I'd lost,
just like that old tin man.

and as the years wore on
and the nights did take their toll,
and the loneliness got the best of me,
and I quietly lost my soul,
it was then and only then,
that I discovered what of me was left,
and knew there was no one else to blame, 
and so I silently blamed myself.
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