A knight ready for war


03 Aug, 2013 03:02 AM
Sheltered in an ice cold room
Where nothin' leaves or stays 
But behind it, is for a wait

The shield was put up for a reason, 
don't you think? 
I mean no disrespect, 
but what made you think I need you

You have it figured out, don't you? 
You have all the utensils you need 
Yet none of them are needed 

You still can't solve it
Ha! I laugh at you 

You may say I'm rude, disrespectful, immature (and I'll mark this down on each finger) worthless, I cause you trouble, stressful, depressed, mean, stupid, 
And what are you, I have to ask? 
Oh! Your none of these things! 
I bet you are all of these things and worse 

But I'm not wasting my breath on you 
Cuz your not even worth it 

My shelter, is to be away from you!
And my shield, is to not be bothered with all your bullshit!

Now for my armor 
It's heavy and way to useless 
But then why do I use it?

Hehe, what a stupid question to ask myself.
Maybe I use it to not get stabbed 
Whenever I make a move or turn to my healing 
See, I'm not trying to fight 
I'm trying to set up my base for the war

And my armor is for blocking your entrance 

Let's see now, now I need my sword
Hum, my sword is used to kill

Yet I use it for a different purpose 
I use it to cut you off and defend myself from all the nonsense your about to attack me with
And like I said this means jack to me

What else do I need? A horse, a helmet?
Hey, why not name me a knight?, shit!
I don't need the title, thank you vey much!

What I need, is not what I get.

I'm not gonna fight for no stupid castle, or to rescue someone, or for any other damn reason

I'm gonna fight for the only thing I don't get from you and that is........

You my enemy, you figure it out.
Tags: Angry, Sad, Life
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