Don't Give Up


28 Jun, 2013 02:31 AM
Don't give up even when life leaves you high and dry..
Don't give up, stand up 
and to the old life please say bye..

Destiny is not easy to run from so don't ask "why"?
Don't give up, 
please don't cry..

Even if there is a steel knife in your windpipe, 
don't cry..
Just stand up, 
breath and to the old life say bye.. 

When your friends lie to your face 
don't give up and forget about them, 
forget about all the memories, 
all the lies..

When your boyfriend leaves you like its okay 
don't give up, 
listen to your mind, 
you won't die.

When you see the lies in their eyes.. 
When you hide the pain behind your smile.. 
When you're done listening to the useless apologies.. 
Turn around and just say bye!!
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karen silas says:
24 Aug, 2015 06:33 PM

I needed that,dope art

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